Software Development

Providing valuable tools for creation

Design a custom application using Rekor’s OpenALPR solution suite and leverage advanced AI and machine learning to solve your business challenges.


Engineer purpose-built applications

Because our license plate and vehicle recognition is easily integrated into existing applications via Rekor CarCheck, crucial capabilities are available to any software developer.

Independent and scalable

As your organization grows, so too can your custom software. Flexible plans are available to allow you to pay for exactly what you need.

Web-based REST service

Because our APIs are REST-based, they work with any programming language on any operating system. You can make API calls using whatever method you prefer.

Simple process automation

Streamline your application by connecting our API to critical systems and trigger task automation based on the vehicle recognition parameters you choose.


Plans to meet any budget

CarCheck, our recommended product for software development, has three separate plans designed to enable license plate and vehicle recognition for both individuals and development teams.
Choose a plan that's right for you
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/ month


/ month
Small Business


/ month
Large Business

Basic features

Recognitions per month
reset on the 1st of the month
reset on the 1st of the month
reset on the 1st of the month
Image source
Local or Remote
Local or Remote
Received data format
Free trial tier
50 recognitions / month
50 recognitions / month
50 recognitions / month
Plate number
Vehicles without visible plates
Vehicle color
Vehicle make
Vehicle model
Vehicle orientation
For a complete list of features, please visit our CarCheck product page.


Need a custom solution?

Plans designed specifically for you

A custom designed solution can allow you to accomplish exactly what you need without being limited by standard capabilities and all without giving up expert support. Our sales representatives are standing by to help craft a plan to fit the needs of you and your specific business requirements. Whether you are deploying at enterprise-level scale or you need to mix-and-match features, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.


Identifying vehicles with life-threatening recalls

For over a year, Carma has collaborated with Toyota to address the largest recall in US history: the Takata airbag recall. By enlisting Rekor Finders to hyper-canvas large areas and connecting vehicle recognition results to their own applications, Carma's scalable outreach programs have proven not only to help reach affected owners, but also to prompt action.

High speed traffic on a California highway with vehicles being recognized using LPR

Ready for better license plate recognition (ALPR)?

With a large inventory of state-of-the-art devices and software platforms that are easy to deploy, Rekor is ready to level up your organization.