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Vehicle Recognition API

Rekor CarCheck is an API that analyzes still images of vehicles from nearly 70 countries and responds with license plate data, as well as vehicle make, model, color, and direction of travel. Make API calls using nearly any programming language and receive valuable vehicle insights in seconds.

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Integrate with existing apps

Because CarCheck is REST-based, it works with any programming language on any OS. The endpoints are described in the REST API documentation.

Connect to any image source

For maximum flexibility and control, CarCheck can analyze images sent from a local machine, server, or even any web-based URL.

Retrieve detections in JSON

When you send vehicle image data to the CarCheck API, we analyze that image and return JSON data describing the license plate and vehicle.

Enhancing development potential

Integrate CarCheck into your current applications and use vehicle recognition to automate tasks, improve processes, and develop exciting new capabilities.
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Parking Operations

Transform your parking business

Leverage CarCheck's advanced vehicle recognition in your parking operations business to seamlessly automate access control, accept contactless payments, locate late/no-payment offenders, and increase overall revenue.

Automated entry and exit access control
Pay-by-plate contactless payments integration
Lot volume analysis over time
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Car Wash & Service

Process customers more efficiently

Whether you operate a car wash or an automotive service center, CarCheck's license plate and vehicle recognition allows you to quickly identify and process customers to decrease wait times while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Streamlined customer flow and queue
Simple loyalty and club membership enrollment
Operational efficiency reporting
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Software Development

Providing valuable tools for creation

Design a custom application using CarCheck and leverage advanced AI and machine learning to solve your business challenges. And because our license plate and vehicle recognition is easily integrated into existing applications via crucial capabilities are available to any software developer.

Independent and scalable solution
Easily integrates with your current apps
Automates tasks to increase business efficiency
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Plans to meet any need

CarCheck has three separate plans designed to enable license plate and vehicle recognition for users of all sizes.
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/ month


/ month
Small Business


/ month
Large Business

Basic features

Recognitions per month
reset on the 1st of the month
reset on the 1st of the month
reset on the 1st of the month
Image source
Local or Remote
Local or Remote
Received data format
Free trial tier
50 recognitions / month
50 recognitions / month
50 recognitions / month
Plate number
Vehicles without visible plates
Vehicle color
Vehicle make
Vehicle model
Vehicle orientation

Do you require a larger or custom CarCheck plan?

Our sales representatives are standing by to help craft a plan to fit the needs of your business. We currently have clients processing 100+ million recognitions per year and are adept at deploying enterprise-level volume and mixing-and-matching feature sets. Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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