Driving efficiency, delighting customers

Our unique system allows quick service restaurants to increase ordering efficiency, delight customers with a customized experience, and gain visibility into all store locations with advanced analytics.

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Enhancing revenue and the customer experience with vehicle recognition

By allowing customers to pay-by-plate, interactions between customers and employees can be nearly contactless, dramatically increasing transaction speed.

Ordering efficiency

Decrease wait times with proactive queue management, instantly prioritize customer orders, and accept contactless payments to provide additional speed and safety.

Custom integrations

Integrate vehicle recognition into existing mobile apps, provide personalized offers on smart menu boards, and accept pay-by-plate payments using current POS system.

Property analytics

Cater to first-time customers, strategize to avoid early parking lot abandonment, and gain greater knowledge of customer behavior & demographics.


Solving issues and creating ideal outcomes

With increased competition, QSRs must assess all facets of a positive customer experience in addition to the quality of the food: speed, personalization, and contactless payment options are critical. With vehicle recognition technology leveraging data from both the customer and store, improvements can be made across the brand, including company policies, menus, staff training, operations, advertising campaigns, and loyalty programs.

Fast food employee handing drink order to customer in car at a drive-thru

Step 1

Vehicle is detected

Optimally positioned IP cameras detect vehicles as they enter and exit the property.

Step 2

Staff is notified

Once a customer's vehicle is verified, staff is notified that the customer has arrived for order pickup.

Step 3

Order is prioritized

Now that staff has been notified, the order can efficiently be delivered either curbside or via the drive-thru.


Identifying customers the moment they arrive

Because we can recognize both a vehicle and license plate independently from a customer’s smartphone, we have the unique ability to accurately detect, verify, and integrate customer information into third-party solutions.

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Reliably recognizing customers in real-time

Working with Mastercard’s AI Powered Drive Through Platform, we are enabling Quick Service Restaurants, such as White Castle, the ability to transform their drive-thru or drive-in interactions through AI-based vehicle recognition and voice ordering.

White Castle fast food restaurant exterior with Mastercard logo on top
High speed traffic on a California highway with vehicles being recognized using LPR

Ready for better license plate recognition (ALPR)?

With a large inventory of state-of-the-art devices and software platforms that are easy to deploy, Rekor is ready to level up your technology tomorrow.