Building safer communities together

Strengthen safety and security efforts for neighborhoods, corporate & educational campuses, and homeowners alike with advanced, real-time vehicle intelligence.


Amp up your security and automation

Using Rekor Scout™, businesses and homeowners can retrieve real-time insights into vehicles of interest in and around their property.

Real-time notifications

Get notified via SMS and email the instant a vehicle of interest is detected by your IP camera.

Visitor access control

Quickly grant visitors the ability to enter and exit your property, while easily refusing flagged vehicles.

Connect to smart home

Integrate vehicle recognition with your smart devices to automate garage door opening, alarm system activation, and more.

Packed With Features

Starting at just $10/month

Scout is a force multiplier that upgrades nearly any IP, traffic, or security camera to give you an immediate edge. Vehicle recognition results are displayed on an easily accessible in-browser dashboard.


Plans to meet any budget

Scout, our recommended product for security & automation, has three separate plans designed to enable license plate and vehicle recognition for users of all sizes.
Choose a plan that's right for you
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month per camera
Individuals & Homeowners


month per camera
Large Groups & Businesses

Basic features

Agent install location
Local PC
Local PC
Data processing location
Local PC
Local PC
Data destination
Free trial length
14 days
14 days
Plate number
Vehicle color
Vehicle make
Vehicle model
Direction of travel

Data access

Users allowed on dashboard
Detected plates that send alerts
Data retention length
5 days
Flexible (60 day max)
For a complete list of features, please visit our Scout product page.


Enhancing neighborhood safety programs

Thwart criminals to keep your association members and residents safe. Rekor Scout allows individual homeowners to easily share data between neighbors to prevent and stop crimes targeted close to their homes and families. And if a crime does occur, neighborhoods can provide law enforcement with actionable evidence to help solve the case.


Preventing after hours trespassing

Because of the size of their parking lots, it was prohibitively expensive for the company to cover the entire area with video surveillance or add manned stations. Luckily, Rekor Scout is able to achieve high success rates in environments where other security solutions fail, which saves money on the initial hardware purchase, as well as ongoing maintenance.

“We downloaded Rekor's software and we were immediately getting 20% better accuracy across both lanes.”

Owner, Industrial Chemical Company
High speed traffic on a California highway with vehicles being recognized using LPR

Ready for better license plate recognition (ALPR)?

With a large inventory of state-of-the-art devices and software platforms that are easy to deploy, Rekor is ready to level up your organization.