Car Wash & Service

Process customers more efficiently

Whether you operate a car wash or an automotive service center, license plate and vehicle recognition allows you to quickly identify and process customers to decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

SUV car with headlights on in car wash


Streamline your business operations

Because our license plate and vehicle recognition is easily integrated into existing systems via Rekor CarCheck, enhanced functionality is available to any car wash and automotive service facility.

Pay-by-plate integration

Fast, contactless payments have never been simpler because customers connect their license plate to their payment method which integrates into your existing POS system.

Simple membership enrollment

Allow customers to quickly register for memberships and loyalty reward programs by connecting their license plate and vehicle information to current customer profile.

Operational efficiency reporting

Gain visibility across all of your locations with advance reports that include wait time, early abandonment, first-time visitor list, and more.


Plans to meet any budget

CarCheck, our recommended product for car washes and automotive service centers, has three separate plans designed to enable license plate and vehicle recognition for businesses of all sizes.
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/ month


/ month
Small Business


/ month
Large Business

Basic features

Recognitions per month
reset on the 1st of the month
reset on the 1st of the month
reset on the 1st of the month
Image source
Local or Remote
Local or Remote
Received data format
Free trial tier
50 recognitions / month
50 recognitions / month
50 recognitions / month
Plate number
Vehicles without visible plates
Vehicle color
Vehicle make
Vehicle model
Vehicle orientation
For a complete list of features, please visit our CarCheck product page.
Larger and custom plans available upon request.


Affordably fueling growth at service facilities

Tire Profiles uses CarCheck for vehicle data lookup when a vehicle is scanned anywhere in a service facility. Without accurate license plate recognition, there is no way to automatically connect vehicle data with customer data. This loss of connection has a direct negative financial impact on customers.

“In a direct comparison, using the same set of images, CarCheck was 65% more accurate than our previous vendor. On top of that, the pricing model for CarCheck gave us a much lower cost.”

Jeff Hislop
CTO, Tire Profiles, LLC


Optimizing operations and increasing revenue

Waves purchased their own IP cameras, placed them in prime locations, and easily integrated CarCheck with their customer database. These decisions have grown unlimited car wash per month memberships and increased revenue.

“It has been great working with the team at Rekor. The software integration was easy and we are able to utilize a full suite of features.”

Adam Korngold
Owner, Waves Car Wash
High speed traffic on a California highway with vehicles being recognized using LPR

Ready for better license plate recognition (ALPR)?

With a large inventory of state-of-the-art devices and software platforms that are easy to deploy, Rekor is ready to level up your organization.