Rekor Scout®

Vehicle Recognition Platform

Rekor Scout enables accurate automatic license plate and vehicle recognition on nearly any IP, traffic, or security camera. Detection results are displayed on a web-based interface, which can be accessed from anywhere. Installation is quick and easy, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes and homeowners alike.

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State-of-the-art recognition

Recognize vehicle color, make, model, direction of travel, and license/number plate in nearly 70 countries. Even identify the issuing state in the US, Canada, and Mexico!

Save money and valuable time

By upgrading existing IP cameras with Scout, you gain access to an accurate vehicle recognition solution without needing to purchase expensive new equipment.

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Secure advanced insights

Identify vehicles of interest through advanced alerting, searching, and monitoring. Review high quality images and video clips of vehicle detections.

Building better homes and businesses

Provide your residents with greater sustainability, safer roadways and a higher quality of life with advanced vehicle recognition.
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Home Security & Automation

Protect your family and property

Scout allows homeowners to increase safety and receive alerts to thwart criminals and keep their loved ones safe. Additionally, Scout's vehicle recognition allows homeowners to automate common tasks such as garage door opening, turning on/off lights, and locking/unlocking doors.

Affordable subscription and easy installation
Integrate with new or existing IP cameras
Share data with law enforcement to aid investigations
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Enhance your existing security and gain valuable insights

The adoption of business security systems has increased significantly over the past few decades. Scout can take existing, under-powered IP cameras and add advanced license plate and vehicle recognition capabilities to help bolster security and insights.

Real-time alerts for prohibited vehicles
Approved vehicles granted access seamlessly
Review historical video and data to enhance policies
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Law Enforcement

Advanced license plate recognition is now affordable

AI-driven ALPR allows officers to accelerate investigations and close more cases, faster. Scout provides highly accurate, flexible, and affordable vehicle recognition to ensure law enforcement agencies receive actionable intelligence that saves time, resources and ultimately lives.

Real-time alerting of plates and vehicles
Individual and shared hotlist platform
Access to comprehensive data sharing network
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Plans to meet any need

Scout has two separate plans designed to enable license plate and vehicle recognition for users of all sizes.
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month per camera
Individuals & Homeowners


month per camera
Large Groups & Businesses

Basic features

Agent install location
Local PC
Local PC
Data processing location
Local PC
Local PC
Data destination
Free trial length
14 days
14 days
Plate number
Vehicle color
Vehicle make
Vehicle model
Direction of travel

Data access

Users allowed on dashboard
Detected plates that send alerts
Data retention length
5 days
Flexible (60 day max)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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