Automatic license plate recognition

Enhance any security camera with OpenALPR and create exciting new vehicle recognition capabilities!

Trusting in Next-Generation Vehicle Recognition

OpenALPR is powering the technology behind some of the most influential agencies and businesses today.

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Countless Possibilities

Countless Possibilities

Go beyond traditional LPR

OpenALPR utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to greatly surpass legacy OCR solutions.

Access All Vehicle AttributesAccess All Vehicle Attributes

Increased plate read accuracy is just the beginning, as OpenALPR provides vehicle make, color, and body type.

Rekor and OpenALPR are revolutionizing ALPR and vehicle recognition
  • Public Safety
    Public Safety
  • Electronic Tolling
    Electronic Tolling
  • Security & Automation
    Security & Automation
  • Parking Operations
    Parking Operations
  • Software Development
    Software Development
  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty

Vehicle recognition helps countless markets accomplish their goals

Engineered For All

Engineered For All

Improve safety and experiences

OpenALPR enables law enforcement and home owners to protect their communities while businesses boost customer loyalty.

Get AlertedGet Alerted in Real Time

Receive a notification the moment any license plate is seen by your camera. Upload hotlists for priority plates.

Packed With Features

More options, more results

OpenALPR is a force multiplier. By upgrading any IP camera with our software, you gain an immediate edge.

User friendly OpenALPR dashboard
The user-friendly OpenALPR dashboard is available whenever and wherever

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Multiple Plans For Multiple Budgets

Transparent pricing and plans

OpenALPR offers two separate vehicle recognition solutions at extremely affordable prices.



Locally Hosted
Starting price
  • Analyze HD streaming video
  • Install software on local PC
  • View results on web dashboard
  • Enable LPR on any IP camera
  • 14 day full-featured free trial


Cloud Hosted API
Starting price
  • Analyze still images of vehicles
  • API responds with LPR data
  • REST-based, works on any OS
  • Enable LPR on any IP camera
  • 50 recognitions / month trial

Trusted by prominent law enforcement agencies – big and small

“OpenALPR has become the new standard in LPR technology for Westchester, NY. It offers the best results and greatest value.”

Lt. Brian Hess Westchester County PD

“OpenALPR continues to assist in the apprehension of our community’s most violent offenders. Collaborating with partners such as we are with OpenALPR can only increase our crime-fighting capabilities.”

Kevin Levy Commander Mobile Alabama Police Dept. Technology & Cyber-Intelligence

“OpenALPR helps simplify the process with its Agent for Axis cameras. Installation time in the field is greatly reduced.... My Law Enforcement customers are changing some of their operational procedures because of the new capabilities OpenALPR brings.”

John Murphy Owner Protec Video LLC
Trusted by prominent law enforcement agencies

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