Cloud API


Cloud API

The OpenALPR Cloud API is a web service running in the cloud that analyzes images of vehicles and responds with license plate data, as well as vehicle color, make, model, and body type.

Product Features

  • High-Accuracy ALPR
  • Monthly Pay-as-you-go
  • Pricing
  • Easy to Integrate

Take a Test Drive

Upload your own images, or select an image below to see the results from previous image analysis using the OpenALPR Cloud API.

Supported Countries

OpenALPR contains specialized training data for many plate styles. Currently, OpenALPR supports:

  • ALPR CountrieUSA
  • ALPR CountrieEurope
  • ALPR CountrieCanada
  • ALPR CountrieBrazil
  • ALPR CountrieJapan
  • ALPR CountrieChina
  • ALPR CountrieAustralia
  • ALPR CountrieMexico
  • ALPR CountrieUAE
  • ALPR CountrieIndonesia
  • ALPR CountrieSaudi Arabia
  • ALPR CountrieIndia
  • ALPR CountrieSouth Korea
  • ALPR CountrieThailand
  • ALPR CountrieArgentina
  • ALPR CountrieNew Zealand
  • ALPR CountrieGreat Britain
  • ALPR CountrieSouth Africa

If your country is not listed, you may still experience high accuracy rates by using training data for a country that has plates that look similar to yours. Upload your own images in the form above to see how well OpenALPR will work for you. OpenALPR can be trained to accurately recognize license plates for any country. Contact Us to discuss custom training services.

Easy Integration

Because the OpenALPR Cloud API is REST-based, it works with virtually any programming language on any operating system. You can make API calls using whatever method you prefer.

Check out the OpenALPR Cloud API Documentation for more technical information.

Affordable OpenALPR Cloud API Plans

OpenALPR Cloud API offers monthly plans with no long-term commitments. Sign-up today and start analyzing your images for license plate and vehicle information. The service is free for low monthly usage. For higher volume usage, we offer the following plans:

  • Free

  • 1,000
    recognitions / month
  • Free

  • Join Now
  • Basic

  • 25k
    recognitions / month
  • $99

    per month
  • Join Now
  • Pro

  • 125k
    recognitions / month
  • $395

    per month
  • Join Now
  • Enterprise

  • 1M
    recognitions / month
  • $1995

    per month
  • Join Now
*Stated pricing effective July 1, 2019

Not Sure Which OpenALPR Product is right for you?

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