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Rekor (Nasdaq: REKR) is a Maryland-based company providing both commercial and government sectors with actionable, real-time vehicle insights and roadway intelligence. By enabling faster, better informed decisions, Rekor is transforming industries worldwide with smarter, quicker, cost-competitive solutions for security, public safety, electronic toll collection, brand loyalty, parking operations, logistics, and traffic management.

To accomplish this, Rekor's proprietary OpenALPR software analyzes videos streams from nearly any IP camera and transforms these streams into powerful vehicle recognition data that helps protect lives, increase brand loyalty, and enhance operations and logistics, without the need to install expensive new infrastructure.
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Advancing past legacy solutions

Rekor, in conjunction with it's OpenALPR suite of solutions, strives to be the leading company providing cutting-edge technology using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data to solve complex problems in public safety, smart cities, and customer experience.


Developing AI with a purpose

OpenALPR was originally built as open source software by Rekor's Chief Science Officer, Matt Hill, who launched it as a free download in late 2015. In March 2016, a paid Cloud API service launched and in February 2017, the OpenALPR agent for Axis cameras was released. In March 2018, ProgrammableWeb added OpenALPR to its list of Recognition APIs, and in 2019, Rekor acquired OpenALPR to complement its hardware offerings.


Intelligent people building incredible solutions

Rekor's team brings decades of innovation, experience, strategic vision and exceptional results across commercial and public sectors. We are a committed group focused on providing revolutionary roadway intelligence.
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