Rekor BLUE™

Advanced ALPR in the palm of your hand

Rekor Blue™ is the premier ALPR smartphone app designed specifically for law enforcement. Built using the same AI recognition engine as Rekor's other solutions, Blue delivers advanced data capture and analysis in the palm of the hand. Officers now have access to extremely accurate license plate recognition, whenever and wherever.


Leverage ALPR during assignments

In addition to being an extremely portable and easy-to-use license plate reader, Rekor Blue utilizes on-device intelligence to operate in tandem with the assignments officers are already working.

Walking patrol

Already on patrol and working a case?

Use your phone to scan license plates and replace pen & paper while receiving alerts when hotlisted plates are detected.

Scene investigation

Heading to an accident or investigation?

Create a hotlist of vehicles known or suspected to be involved for on-scene scanning and alerting.

Covert operations

Undercover while gathering intelligence?

Run the app discreetly by placing your smartphone in a shirt pocket or mounting it to your vehicle's dashboard for a stakeout.



Provide ALPR to your entire agency

By leveraging a ubiquitously available device and extremely affordable subscription price, Rekor Blue is a game-changing utility for ALL operations officers and field agents due to its accessibility and easy-to-use invite system.

Police officers using phones to scan license plates on a car

Integrate with Rekor Scout™

Verified agencies with Rekor Scout accounts can have Blue reads automatically synced for advanced analysis.

Create custom hotlists

Organize plates of interest with easy to generate lists in Rekor Scout.

Review organized reads

Search using full or partial plate numbers to find the exact vehicle you need.

Receive real-time alerts

Receive in-app alerts the moment a vehicle of interest is detected.

Use without connectivity

Access all features even when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi available.

Rekor Blue icon

Step 1

Download the app for free

Rekor Blue is available as a free download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Head to your respective app store to install and get started.

Step 2

Register new account

Once downloaded and installed, open the app and tap Create Account. Fill out a few short form fields to create your free account to instantly start reading license plates.

Step 3

Verify your agency

Now registered, you have access to a limited version of Blue. Schedule time with Rekor associates to officially verify your agency to gain access to every feature Blue has to offer.

Access everything Blue has to offer

Rekor Blue logo in white and blue


/ month

Reads per month


Custom hotlists

Scout integration

CJIS & NCIC lists

Feature list for VERIFIED accounts. Unverified users can only read plates and create hotlists.


Trusted by departments of all sizes

Don't take it from us, take it from those that are using Rekor's tech every single day to make their communities safer.

Westchester County, New York Police Department
“Rekor has become the new standard in LPR technology for Westchester, NY.”

Lt. Brian Hess

Westchester County, New York PD
Mobile, Alabama Police Department
“Our Investigations Division loves the power and flexibility afforded by Rekor Blue.”

Sgt. Josh Quint

Hartford, Connecticut PD
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee Police Department
Rekor’s solutions fit the needs of our department both now and for the future.

Chief James Hambrick

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee PD