Rekor Edge Pro

All-in-one license plate and vehicle recognition system

Rekor Edge Pro
(Rekor Scout™ subscription not included and must be purchased separately)
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FEATURES & Functions

Capture and process vehicle data on-device

Rekor Edge Pro is a complete license plate and vehicle recognition solution engineered for roadway speeds. The system can be deployed in neighborhoods, campuses, business districts, and also be used for parking management and access control.

Advanced specs

1-2 lanes, 75 foot max range
70 mph max capture speed
1920 x 1080 HD capture
On-device video processing

Powerful recognition

Captures plate, make, type, and color
Accurate in both day and night
Reads paper and vanity plates
Finds unique vehicle characteristics

Operation ready

Easily connects to Rekor Scout™
Sends real-time hotlist alerts
Simple mounting to building or pole
Operates in all weather conditions


Simple setup process

We've engineered Rekor Edge Pro to be easy to get started with. By following our setup guides, you'll be up and running in no time. But as always, if you have trouble, we are here to help.

Rekor Edge Pro camera system up close mounted to a pole with garage in background

Step 1

Power on and connect

Unbox your device, provide power, plug in ethernet connection, and link to Rekor Scout™ account.

Step 2

Mount to surface or pole

Identify deployment location, attach mounting bracket, affix to installation surface, and connect wiring.

Step 3

Configure ALPR settings

Log in to device, reposition camera, and fine tune ALPR settings for day and night reads.


Everything you need to know

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