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Essential Security for Property Managers and HOAs

Monitor license plates 24X7 at all of your facilities

Know when unauthorized vehicles are on your property

The moment an unwelcome visitor drives past your security cameras OpenALPR will send you an alert.

Use a more cost-effective and accurate approach to identify suspicious activity. OpenALPR monitors your surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week and captures license plates.

OpenALPR alerted us when a thief came back to steal from one of our tenants. We called the police, and they were waiting for him with handcuffs when he tried to leave.

Lisa R. Property Manager, Melville, NY

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Suspicious vehicle entering the property

Monitor personnel coming and going

Every time someone drives past one of your cameras, OpenALPR records it to a database.

With a simple search, you can view the full history of a vehicle on your property.

We had an employee show up hours late for work every day for months. OpenALPR gave us the proof we needed to correct that behavior.

Chris J. Facilities Director, Kansas City, MO

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Use the OpenALPR API and directly integrate OpenALPR's leading license plate recognition technology into your applications.

OpenALPR is cross-platform and can interoperate with a variety of programming language.

We've opened up a new line of business that relies heavily on OpenALPR. Sales of the product have boosted our revenue by 8% in the last six months.

James C. Senior Product Manager, London, UK

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